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Association of Lexicography for the Americas
South, Central, Caribbean, and Mexico

About Us​

AmericaLex-S is an association to promote Lexicography in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. AmericaLex-S aims to promote lexicographic research, development, knowledge-sharing and cooperation throughout this region and its approximately 560 languages, with the support of an international network of lexicographers, scholars, teachers, students, publishers and other professionals interested in lexicography from the academia and the industry.​


The AmericaLex initiative was launched in 2020 and the official establishment of the association will take place at the AmericaLex Inaugural Conference at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, on 20-25 October 2023. Please refer to the website of the conference for more information. 


AmericaLex-S is intended to be the region’s representative body at the worldwide association GlobaLex and thereby a network of scholars students, professors, publishers and others who are involved professionally or academically at the Global Alliance for Lexicography – GlobaLex – and join the existing continental associations of Africa (Afrilex), Asia (Asialex), Australasia (Australex), Europe (Euralex), and North America (DSNA).

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Markus Spiske


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